These past couple weeks have kind of been a whirlwind. Baby girl number 3 was born, and our lives have been full of schedule changes, adjusting to new roles, and lanolin. It’s been incredibly humbling to embark on the newborn stage again, or as some people call it, the “fourth trimester”. This baby has been different in so many ways, but the stage itself hasn’t changed. Sleep deprivation, adjusting to a new life, and making sacrifices are among those similarities.

This past Wednesday, I was reminded of one of the ways we make sacrifices. Wednesday nights, we go to church. That’s what we do. We hang out with teens, worship together, and I’d teach a small group while Cupcake went to her own class. Well since this new baby came, I haven’t attended a Wednesday night. A week ago, I brought her to church thinking “she usually sleeps in her car seat, so I’ll just bring her for worship and then leave.” Well, she had a different plan. Her plan included crying the whole time. So we had to leave. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Sunday, I dropped Cupcake off at church, then Baby and I went to run a few errands. I had Hillsong on my radio, and was singing along with it…meaning every.word. that I sang.

And that’s when it hit me.

I don’t have to be a part of corporate worship to have a relationship with God. I know it’s a “duh” moment, but I was so caught up in thinking about how I wanted to be inside of those walls praising His name. But the truth is that I was driving, with a sleeping baby in the back, and praising His name the same way I would be if I were inside of that building.

I was telling my husband this, and he brought up a good point. He said “I wonder of the Devil makes us think that we HAVE to be a part of church to have a relationship with God.” And I can totally relate to this. Yes, attending church is important. It’s hard to grow when you don’t show up. But, that’s not where the growing stops.

I’m thankful to serve a God that meets me where I am – even if it’s in my car running errands.