It has been a little over a year and two months since we started attending Walnut Ridge Baptist Church.

It has been about a year and one month since we moved away from the place that I called “home” for most of my life, and ventured to a new town.

And it’s been one year since my last blog post.

So, instead of starting with the emotional stuff and adjustments and changes that have happened within the past 365 days, I’m going to start with a new adventure that I began about ten months ago. And that, my friends, is the adventure of essential oils.

When I first started hearing about essential oils, I totally didn’t believe they worked. Because, duh, voodoo. =P But one day while teaching, I felt myself getting a serious sinus infection. Usually, I keep OTC medicine handy to help whenever those lovely moments happen, but at this point I had run out. My coworker lent me her diffuser and oils that help support your respiratory system and within about an hour, my sinuses had cleared up and I didn’t need to go to the doctor at all. SCORE! So within a few months, I invested in a Premium Starter Kit, and have luckily had some awesome people to help me get started.

It has been so awesome being able to play around with the wonderful smells and mixtures to help support my family’s needs. From bug spray, to belly butter (for my grown preggo belly – yay for no itching and reduced stretch marks), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this process.

I have success story, after success story, after success story of how YLEO  (Young Living Essential Oils) have changed my life, my family’s life, and my friends’ life. Care to know more? Please please PLEASE ask me!