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I’ve LOVED seeing all of the posts and pictures honoring mothers. Mothers really are special people, and are worth being recognized. 

But my heart hurts for those woman who have experienced the loss of a child, in utero or outside of utero. My heart hurts for the women who want children but for whatever reason, can’t have them. My heart hurts for those women who have children, but are the only parental figure. My heart hurts for those women who have children but whose children have chosen a path that is not how they were raised.
You don’t have to physically give birth to be a mother.
So for those of whom I’ve already mentioned, I feel it too. I feel the pain, and the loss. Knowing that something “should’ve been” but isn’t, is painful.
Thank God I have a relationship with someone who helps me sustain my faith. Thank God He has a plan for my life outside of babies. Thank God He is bigger than me. And thank God He is loving me through this day.