Well hello again blogging world…it’s been a while. Two months actually. Sorry for the leave of absence, but let’s just say that these past 4 weeks have been full of emotions and chaos and confusion and excitement…it’s been a roller coaster to say the least. Whenever I feel comfortable sharing with the world what has happened within the past 4 week, I will. But for now, for this post, I’m not talking about the past 4 weeks.

I’m talking about today.

Today was Field Day at school. About a week ago one of our PE teachers asked me to be in a dunking booth. You know – the one where students throw balls and you sit on this diving board type seat and if they hit the target you go plunging into a small pool full of chilling water??? Yeah, that one. I willingly volunteered for this because it immediately reminding of me something I experienced about three years ago.

Three years ago my husband and I went to Colorado to be leaders at a Young Life camp called Frontier Ranch. Anyway – the point of the camp is to lead students to Christ and experience Him in a way that is life changing. There are a couple talks each day, and the rest of the day is scheduled craziness and free time and fun. It’s insane. Wednesday is known as the “night that never ends” because it.never.ends. The talk in the evening is the “sin” talk. This is the night that the students are forced to self-reflect on their lives, and their choices, and their baggage and if they are living for Christ. Let’s just say it’s a very emotional night. After this talk, the whole camp turns into a Western theme, and there are carnival games where the students can earn tickets. The students then take these tickets and “buy” a pie to throw at their leader’s face. The students are so upset, and so full of emotions, that we let the students take it out on us. It’s an amazing picture, and act of selflessness. And although I hated being messy, it was totally worth it to let the girls that I led take out their anger on me. I was more than willing to be ‘that’ for them to work through their thoughts and feelings in order for them to come to realize that Christ is what they need.

Again, so when my PE teachers approached me and asked me to do this, I gladly said yes. There are so many times during the year that I am constantly on a student’s case – and pushing them – and challenging them. I gladly sat on that seat, and let them throw a ball at a target. And let me tell you, I was rocked. I got to the point that it was hard to breath. It was back to back to back. Don’t underestimate the arm of a 3rd grader…it’ll get you.

So, to these students, throw your little hearts out. You’re worth it.

dunk tank